Sunday-Habit Changing Day!

Sunday morning!  Woke up, stretched, had my morning coffee, watched a little Good Morning America guilt free.  Went on Instagram to see if had any “likes” (lol), and then all of a sudden twenty minutes blew by!!!!!  What was I even looking at?  I do not even know!  Just looking at other people’s pictures!  People I barely know!  The fact that the human mind is already naturally curious, does not help with productivity with access to pictures!  I will admit, I am curious person lol, if I am on the subway, and someone is texting someone- I read what they are texting!  Not because I want to get inside scoop, but the way my brain works- is I like to see how they write, and try to guess what their personality is!  (Is that the reason my mom would snoop on me and my sister’s phone calls and look through our diary? HAHAHA)  It is like my own version of a live soap opera.  See a story of a woman coming home from work, texting her friend about problems with her boss, I wonder is she going home to roomates?  A husband?  Is she going to make a frozen dinner?  Or make a big dinner and invite her boyfriend over?  Lol- why do I care?  I guess boredom!

Boredom or procrastination is my reason for mindless browsing!  SO!  Guess that feeling is telling me something!  I need to form a habit on starting the day!  A good morning habit!

  1. To help with this social media habit changing project- will re-introduce meditation when I wake up!  That will replace my habit of reaching for my phone upon opening the eyes.
  2. After meditation, will write a todo list for the day!  That way- I have a gps of where I want to navigate the day.  At the end of my todo list- will write out three goals for today- that way, I have motivation for WHY I am doing these things!
  3. Need to satisfy my creative brain- squeeze out the creative juices- find an hour prior to going to work- to work on one of my creative projects.  That way, I don’t have ideas flopping around in my brain the whole day until I sit down to do the project!
  4. I do most of my roaming during transit, while waiting for the subway, taking the subway- these stations now have WIFI, which is really just me quickly connecting to the subway wifi during each stop, then refreshing a page- only to loose service in thirty-seconds lol, so right now, going to download some games healthy for the brain to play these instead of thumbing Facebook and Instagram for entertainment!  Researched best games for your brain and a game called Personal Zen came up.  Got that, sudoku, and why not… Candy Crush! lol.  Phone is all charged up with games, books, and podcasts!
  5. Genuinly do need to check social media being in this day in age!  So!  I am going to schedule time for myself twice a day, when to check it.  It is 9:52am right now, so will schedule it for 11:15-11:30am today, and then time myself twenty minutes later today.  Not am I going to schedule the time, but create a todo list for going online.  Example:  Post a picture, like five pictures, respond to e-mails.

Okay guys!  Here we go!  Let’s do this!  Cheers to productivity!!

PS:  In case of emergency and can not stop looking at social media stuff just put the phone down! lol  Drop the phone and look at your todo list 😉 hehe


Sorry I’m Late, I Got Caught In Social Media Traffic?

I have to say, it is embarrassing how much time I waste online!  I’m almost late almost everyday due to my comfort of mindlessly browsing social media cites!  I am naturally curious, so having the ability to fact check everything in the world is truly amazing!  Social media is beneficial, but if used too much, can definitely almost a toxic relationship to your life goals!  SO!  Let’s figure out how to put our foot down and use social media for the positive!

Having a goal and actually doing it brings so much great fulfillment.  So why do we post pone them?  Procrastinate?  It’s funny to think at all of the time we spend on social media- using our brain power on the good ole’ FB and other social media outlets?  Is social media addiction a real thing?  Yes!  As humans, we can be addicted to anything-  if you do it frequent enough and your brain can find a reward response (negative or positive).  If you can make a habit on going on social media, you can make a habit of NOT going on social media!

Starting this Sunday, join me in changing my habit of using social media!  First, you need to become aware of your habits.  Be mindful of your habits by starting a log of your habits.  Whenever you find yourself or is itching to go on social media, jot it down with the time!  And think to yourself- is wanting to mindlessly scroll throw FB going to help my future?  How does doing this contribute to helping me be a better person?  Then click out of the page, tell yourself to focus, and write out a todo list!  That way you have a map of where exactly to navigate your day!

My goal with this social media habit changing adventure is 1)Outside of at work, to only use social media with intention.  Before logging on FB or IG- have an intention!  For example, like five pictures, comment on three, respond to comments.  Or if on FB, before logging on- what do you want to know by browsing?  Look for an event you can goto!  My point is, just do not go on the social media sites without intention!  Have a reason! Otherwise, browsing can really be a time waster and self-esteem blower!  Also, remind yourself that you were fine before knowing what Beyonce wore to the store, and you will still fine without knowing!  If you’re down to join, comment and let’s do this!

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.41.16 PM.png

How To Make Smoothies, For Less

Buying smoothies out can really add up, right? Plus if you buy one everyday- $12 multiply by 7 days a week equals $84!!!!!! $84 multiply by 4 for amount of weeks in a month, equals $336!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! That is more than half of my rent for the month!! Yikes!!!! So, I recently invested in the NutraBullet to make smoothies at home to save money. And boy, even making smoothie’s at home can get expensive!! At my local grocery store, each bag of fruit costs $4.99!!! GeeeeWizzzz! So, it is still cheaper to make your own smoothies at home.
Tip #1: Freeze your bananas! Get a Ziplock bag, and break your bananas up into pieces. Best if instead of half, break it up into three or four pieces. I tried half, and when the banana’s are frozen, they really can get hard to make smaller if need to in order to fit the lid on.
Tip #2: Freeze your fresh fruits or vegetables! So I hate wasting money, and I hate wasting food! I love to buy a big thing of spinach, put it in a ziplock bag, and put it in the freezer. It makes buy vegetables less stressful because I don’t feel the pressure the chugg my vegetables asap. It preserves the life of your spinach for two-three weeks instead of three days!
Tip #3: Totally fine to use water as your base! Since you’re freezing your banana’s and spinach, it makes the recipe of your smoothie to not require ice-cubes at all!! Save your money on over-priced almond milk. Just use water as a base! It will not dilute the flavor! It will still come out delicious! Experiment and try out what you like in a smoothie 🙂

Thinking About Dying Your Hair With Henna?

A couple of years ago, I went from dishwater blonde to radiant red. Boy did I love it, and the compliments that came with it. I would dye my hair with a box dye, in which directly after it would make my hair feel like silk. The days after, my hair overtime of dying it every three weeks started to feel like straw. So, I grew out my dyed red locks and let it grow into my natural ash blonde hue. It is an o.k. hue. Yes, but I always felt vibrant and colorful on the inside, so thought a vibrant hair color to express how I felt on the inside to the outside was appropriate.
Fast forward three years later, I got itchy again to go back to red. I loved having red hair. I researched healthier ways to achieve the shade. Lush Henna Hair color came up. I loved that it was all natural, I had to get it. I bough Cacao Rouge. Bought gloves and a newspaper to put down on the floor as I heard the process of dying your hair with henna is extremely messy, and it sure was. I finished melting down the clay cubes of henna, mixed it up, plopped it on my hair, wrapped my hair in plastic wrap, and went to bed. (Yes it takes a while :))
Six hours later, wake up, wash it out- blow dry my hair and my oh my my hair looked B-E-A-Utiful!!! I have never felt my hair so thick and shiny, EVER!!! I love, love, LOVE Lush Cacao Rouge. After two years of having the same shade though, I got a little bored. I started working as receptionist at a hair salon and would see people walk in and out with such astonishing hair transformations, it made me miss that golden feeling of walking out of a hair salon feeling like a brand new recharged person. I asked one of the stylist’s if she could put some highlights in my hair, and told her my current shade is henna. She stopped in her tracks and replied, “HENNA? Noooo! I cannot touch your hair with dye if you have henna in your hair. I was disappointed but realized after researching that she was right. And it could be serious if you try. The reason is something super scientific, but do not do it. Grow your hair out. Tips on helping the grow out process easier? Check out Sebastian Cellophane Hair Gloss, it really helped my hair transition until the roots grew out enough for my natural hair to blend in with the henna hair color.
I do recommend henna hair color for anyone who wants healthy red hair for a while. I do not recommend henna for anyone with hair ADHD, where you get antsy to change colors often, or you do not like to clean up messes, or you do not have the patience to have hair clay plastic wrapped to your head for four to eight hours. I will say though, Lush Cacao Rouge is a beautiful color!!!! And I go compliments everyday on it!!

Cheap Date Ideas <3 #1: Flying Kites?

Spring season is here with Summer coming up close!!  My boyfriend and I are always looking for something fun to do, but always seem to end up going out to eat.  Which is fun!  Yes, but here in New York City, and anywhere really—– SO EXPENSIVE!!!!  Two weeks ago we went on an innocent date out to eat and ended up spending $80 (after a drink each :x) and decided we needed to draw the line with going out to eat.

“Let’s make food at home to save money, and we can watch movies”.  Fast forward two weeks of this and I’M BORED!!!  It is human nature people, if you work hard, you need to enjoy life hard sometimes.  Staying in bed watching movies for an activity to do together for two weeks straight got mundane shall we say.  So!  No problem, can still save money- but must get a little creative!  So I am bringing to you guys cheap date ideas!  Try them out too and let me know how it goes!  This weeks date idea is….. flying kites!!! Lol!  Tune into the Youtube video to see if he is down to fly kites! lol!

The Daily Post, Daily Prompt: Buff

via Daily Prompt: Buff

This is my first time trying the Daily Prompt from the Daily Post, so here we go!

Buff Sharpness

      Shiny and tough, delicate yet rough.  Anne Hendricks, a woman of twenty-eight years took a year and a half hiatus from her dream of being photographer of New York City’s hottest bands that would play the Lower East Side scene.  She sits at her desk looking at her framed photos she took of her friend’s back when used to do what she loved.  Everyday a pang in her side hits her when she misses what she used to do.

She was a corporate woman prior who would balance working 8am to 6pm, then 6:01pm dart to the restrooms, change her button up to a graphic band tee.  Run to a coffee shop with her laptop briskly yet handicapped by the weight of her laptop case plus purse.  Anne was out from 7am in the city to 2am.  She kept her life in her purse with her at all times.  Being an artist in the city, you have to sacrifice something she would sacrifice temporary posture strain carrying everything in her purse over her health and self-care any day.  She would get to the coffee shop, get a large hot brew, get settled, open her laptop immediately put a block on her computer from getting distracted.  She would hammer away editing and uploading pictures from the night prior.  Then jet to her night gig of photographing bands perform.

On average, she would get four hours of sleep.  She hated being tired, but knowing after work she would be doing what she loved, energized her.  One day, a year and a half ago, she was waiting for her hot coffee at the coffee shop after work, and a gentleman named, Frank, started talking to her.  They immediately clicked, her asked her out, left the shop, and Anne went back to her seat with a giddy smile on her face.  She has been single for two years, due to her hectic schedule did not even try to date, as not many men understood her lifestyle.  Frank and Anne went on their first date, which turned into another and another, into them being in a relationship.

Anne found it hard to balance work, an art at night, and a relationship.  At first, skipping a gig to take photos to have dinner with Frank felt like a gallon of guilt sitting in her stomach.  Then, after four months, she began to rationalize that maybe she was burning herself out with going out overnight and working on four hours of sleep.  Anne was tired.  Her job performance would get critiques by her boss all the time that she needed to “focus more”.  Anne was starting to enjoying the life of simplifying.  She focused on being happy in the moment, and not where she needs to go next, who she needed to impress.

Her life was going great.  But something felt so mundane and she missed her old hobby of taking photos.  Anne was not a person to let herself be unhappy for long.  She knew she could sit in the known, and comfortable safe zone, or get out- put self at risk of judgement, but she would be happy.  She told Frank, “Frank, I need to get back to my photography”.  To which he replied,”But Anne, when would we see each other?”  She really did not know which made her sad.  She found a family feeling in Frank, but found a family feeling in her night gig of doing photography.  She could do it two nights a week, but then that is just a hobby.  Doing something just as a hobby is not a way to make it your career.

Anne was so overwhelmed with balancing art, work, and love.  She couldn’t do it all.  But could not deny the artist in her.  “Frank, I just need to.”  She went to her living room, and drew up a year goal chart.  She promised herself and him that in one year she would live off her art.  Frank was sad but knew he had to support her.  After a year and a half of not doing photography, was the night she declined dinner with Frank.  She had to go out and do photography.  This time around, Anne did photography not because she was lonely and needed to be out, anywhere- but because she knew she had to fight for her freedom to make an income doing what she loved.  This time around, she worked with intention, and sharpness.

This time around, Anne valued her time more.  She incorporated a business side to her art that she was initially resistant to do.  She developed a website, started making money off of headshot, and developed a professional portfolio of her work.  A top magazine editor contacted Anne in regards to using a few of her photos for an article on an up and coming band.  They developed a professional relationship and on a sunny spring Tuesday morning invited Anne to the magazine headquarters in Soho.  His name was Mr. Babbs, he looked like a cool Sherlock Holmes, except with a leather jacket and Nike Air Max 90’s.  “Anne, I like your work.  Your photos are sharp but soft, glorious with shine, but matte with authenticity.  You have a buff eye!  We would like to offer you a position her as staff photographer.”  Anne was elated.  “Yes, I would be honored to!”.

Anne’s hard work, and persistence paid off.  She had to prioritize and pull back from giving too much of herself.  She had to feel uncomfortable at times with uncertainty.  Her drive to have it all, brought her to the point of unsure if that was even possible.  But built her up to find her own balance to life.  Her trust in herself brought her to a place she thought would once be a dream.  She stopped scrambling for every opportunity spreading herself too thin.  She made her own opportunities, and they came to her.




Bullet Journal Fail! (But still had fun, so success anyway!)

As I glaze the many blog sites, one thing recently has really caught my attention, BULLET JOURNALING!!!  The adorable little boxes of colors with goals and intentions of motivation had me thinking “yes!!  I want this!!!”  Of course my curiosity sends me on hours of Google investigation of the who, what, where, how, and why’s of Bullet Journaling, I land on the website, in which they have a really cool video, and explanation of what it is.  It seems to be a goal mapper, planner, to-do list maker, list maker, whatever you want it to be really!  I think “Wow, I can totally make my own!”.  So Amazon Prime I go, within fifteen minutes I order same day delivery and in eight hours, my materials land at my doorstep!!

I immediately open up the package, throw my journal and pens in purse so I can get this started while hanging out at my boyfriend’s apartment.  We watch a movie, I get started on my journal, you know you gotta to be productive!  I immediately botch up the Bullet Journal on the first page, but you what?  I continue because coloring and creating this journal is incredibly therapeutic!

My boyfriend is like “what are you doing?”  I’m like “just planning the future” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, lol just kidding- but not really).  He thought it looked cool actually, accept the part where I left a marker on his bed without a cap, and it got on his comforter, whoops.  Even though my journal isn’t perfect, it is perfect to me, because I put the love in making this journal.  I had so much fun making it, and that is all that matters 🙂  Go to the site:, for more explanation- and they sell journals there as well!  You can also find page ideas all over Youtube and Pinterest!  Now, back to figuring out my spending log! 😡

Things To Do In New York City

Where:  The Fashion Institute of Technology, 27th Street and 7th Ave.  Manhattan

Price:  FREE!!!!  $$$$ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Favorite Item: The Amsale Aberra Wedding Dress

A perfect way to spend the first wPicture1arm spring day, is strolling through an educational and inspiring museum.  Earlier today, I had the wonderful opportunity to browse the Black Fashion Designers exhibited at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s museum.  Right when I walked in, the second dress that really caught my eye so much my first favorite was ranked down to my second.  With knowing right away, “wow- this dress is the dress.  (as if it was my very own future wedding dress) Beautiful”.  A dress by designer, Amsale Aberra.  It was the simplicity mixed with allure.  It was the delicate sparkle that caught my eye.  If I had access to purchasing this dress, I would look for an excuse to get married—just to wear it.  The moment I saw the flowy bell shaped silhouette- I could see myself wearing it and spinning around in circles, to see this softly flowed fabric twirl.  The waistline cinched beautifully embracing a woman’s natural curves.  I love the balance of simple with elegance.

You could tell with each stitch in this dress was made with intention, love, and care. hand embroidered, silk fabric, shimmery champagne sequins and tiny bugle beads.  This dress is traditional but with modern flair.  Just looking at this dress makes you feel respect for yourself, imagining a reason you could wear this dress.  It certainly would not be an ordinary day.  It would be a very special day- wedding or maybe even an award show, like The Academy Awards!  To wear this dress, it would be a day you have highlighted and underlined in bold on the calendar.  A date you fight off all mundane appointments, you schedule things to prepare for this day, hair appointment, nails, waxing, a special breakfast.  All preparation for how you feel, in this one- very special dress.   This dress says you achieved something.

The museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology has beyond met my expectations, and highly encourage anyone who is interested in fashion to check it out.  I have to say, I feel more appreciation for fashion after viewing the museum.  Prior to visiting the museum my perception of fashion, was a part of me loved fashion- and then a part of me felt guilty for enjoying a self-indulgent hobby.  This exhibits, really reminded me how wonderful it is to show your vivid unique essence on the inside… on the outside with fashion.  Fashion is much more than fabric.